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Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы.


It is impossible to give all the names of the jobs in the world. The list of them often changes. Some typical job titles are: a manager, a secretary, an executive, a research worker. People who do these jobs work in different businesses and for different companies. Some jobs don't require any special training, e.g. the job of a cleaner; other jobs require a lot of training and a few qualifications, e.g. the job of a lawyer, an accountant or a designer.
People look for jobs which give them much money, career opportunities, job satisfaction. Some companies offer fringe benefits — swimming-pools, fitness centers, doctors, dentists. Many employers want to show that they help employees to balance their lives. A lot of people change their jobs if the pay is low, or they commute a long way to work, and for some other reasons.
When a company decides to employ new people it often advertises jobs in a newspaper. A few people apply for this job. They send a letter of application and a CV with details of their education and experience. The company then invites candidates for an interview. A good company usually recruits responsible and experienced staff.
There are different ways to work. A lot of people work nine-to-five, some have flexible working hours, a few work in shifts. Many employers and employees find flexible employment very progressive. This is especially good for women with children. Part-time work appeals to students because they are very busy at universities. Some people make the decision to leave their jobs and start their own businesses. A few of them start their business at home and then move it out, for example Disney, Amazon.com, Microsoft, Apple. You have the ability to run your business if you are decisive, organized, ready to take risk. But if you have little self-discipline, you do not plan ahead and you are not creative, you are not ready to start your own business. In any case, you are successful in a job of an employee or in your own business if you enjoy your work.


Упражнение 1. Ответьте на вопросы.

• What are the typical job titles now?
• What kinds of jobs do people look for?
• Why do people change their jobs?
• Where does a company advertise its vacancies?
• What are different ways to work?
• Why does part-time work appeal to students?

Упражнение 2. Соответствуют ли данные утверждения содержанию текста.

• The job of a cleaner requires a lot of training.
• People look for jobs that offer a good pay.
• Fringe benefits appeal to a lot of employees.
• You don't send a CV when you apply for a job.
• A CV is a short biography and qualifications.
• Flexible employment is attractive to everybody.
• Students don't like to work part-time.
• If you are decisive and creative you have the chance to start your own business.

Present Continuous


Упражнение 1. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Continuous.

(NOW) 1. Timothy (to feed) his dog. 2. Mr Jones (to clean) his yard. 3. Nancy (to paint) her kitchen. 4. Our neighbours (to wash) their car. 5. I (to wash) my hair. 6. Who (to fix) your sink? 7. What she (to do) now? - She (to dance). 8. The children (to brush) their teeth. 9. What he (do) at the moment? – He (to fix) his bicycle. 10. They (to have) a big dinner together. 11. The boys (to run) about in the garden. 12. I (to do) my homework. 13. John and his friends (to go) to the library. 14. Ann (to sit) at her desk. She (to study) geography. 15. A young man (to stand) at the window. He (to smoke) a cigarette. 16. The old man (to walk) about the room. 17. The dog (to lie) on the floor. 18. You (to have) a break? 19. What language you (to study)? 20. Who (to lie) on the sofa? 21. What they (to talk) about? 22. It still (to rain). 23. I (to open) an umbrella. 24. John (to play) computer games. 25. My friend (to collect) material for a book that he (to write) now. 26. She (to feel) tired. 27. We (to have) a private lesson in computer science.

Упражнение 2. Переведите на английский язык, употребляя глаголы в Present Continuous.

(СЕЙЧАС) 1. Я читаю. 2. Он не пишет. 3. Мы не работаем. 4. Вы читаете? 5. Он спит? 6. Коля и Миша играют в футбол. 7. Катя играет на рояле. 8. Она не поет. 9. Моя сестра спит. 10. Папа пьет чай? 11. Твои родители пьют чай? 12. Я не сплю. 13. Она сидит за столом. 14. Мы делаем упражнение. 15. Мы не купаемся. 16. Они играют во дворе? 17. Нина и Аня моют пол. 18. Коля помогает маме. 19. Ты помогаешь папе? 20. Моя сестра читает интересную книгу. 21. Они идут в школу. 22. Вы идете в школу? 23. Он работает? 24. Твоя бабушка идет в магазин? 25. Он покупает конфеты. 26. Что делает твоя сестра? 27. Где играют дети? 28. Почему ты смеешься? 29. Куда они идут? 30. Что несут эти мальчики? 31. Я сижу в парке на скамейке и кормлю птиц. 32. Мама сидит на диване в гостиной и смотрит телевизор. 33. Это фотография моих друзей. Том играет на гитаре, а Джейн поет. 34. А здесь они танцуют на вечеринке в мой день рождения.

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