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Контрольная работа №3 по английскому языку в 11 классе.

The Theatre Royal

1) Listening.

The Theatre Royal in Drury Lane is one of the oldest theatres in London. It was opened in 1663. The king was present at the performance; that is why it was called the Theatre Royal. Today most people call it Drury Lane by the name of the street in which it stands. The theatre has many traditions. One of them is the Badely cake, which began in the eighteenth century.
Robert Badely was a pastry-cook who became an actor and joined the Theatre Royal. He was a good actor, and the plays in which he acted were always a great success with the people of London. When Robert Badely was very old, he left some money to the theatre. Robert Badely asked to buy a cake and offer a piece of it to each actor and actress of the theatre on the Twelfth Night every year. Twelfth Night is on the 6th of January, the twelfth night after Christmas.
So, after the evening performance on the Twelfth Night, the actors and actresses come down into the hall in their stage clothes and eat the Badely cake.

2) Listen to the text twice and mark if the following statements are true (T) or false (F).

1. The theatre Royal was named after the king Drury Lane.
2. Robert Badely cooked the cake and offered it to the actors and actresses after the performance on the 6th of January.
3. Robert Badely left the recipe of the cake to cook.
4. Badely cake is eaten every year on the Twelfth Night of January.
5. The actors and actresses change their clothes after the performance and eat the Badely cake on the stage.

3) Make up sentences.

1 by, help, raising, children, money, needy
2 is, play, game, to, this, interesting
3 can, person, Phil, who, on, a, is, Laura, rely, always
4 in, enter, the, boy, the, will, institute, year, a
5 visit, are, the, they, allowed, zoo, to

4) Read the text and decide which answer a, b, c or d best fits each space.

Russian Traditional Crafts

Our country is famous (1)__Russian traditional specific crafts and its (2)__ craftsman. Painted boxes of Palekh, coloured shawls of Pavlov Posad, clay toys of Dymkovo,laces of Vologda are known all over the world. The names of Gzhel and Khokhloma (3)__ the symbols of Russia (4)__Matryoshka dolls and samovars. The history of Khokhloma (5)___ into the 17th century. Many carpenters (6)___ since then reviving traditions of old masters. The Khokhloma style (7)__by using plant elements in painting the (8___(mugs, plates,and spoons). The bright colours are black, yellow, golden, green and red. And nowadays this is sure (9)__.It will be developed and brought into the future by the new (10)__ of painters.

a b c d
1 in on for over
2 educated beautiful illiterate skilled
3 considered to be considered is considered are considered to be
4 both as well as or through
5 dates looks forward goes back opens
6 are working work worked have been working
7 characterizes is characterized have characterized have been characterized
8 footwear tableware cloth clothes
9 to be saved to save safe saved
10 tradition generation collection party

5) Read the extracts from the letter A-F and put them into logical order.

BBC Personal Recruitment

London, UK
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing in reply to the advertisement published in NEWS TODAY concerning the position of a presenter on the BBC NEWS ROUNDABOUT programme. I believe that my education, experience and qualifications make me a suitable person for this kind of job.

A) Apart from working for these two channels, I developed my professional know-how on two courses, in news reporting (September 1999) and in presentation skills the following year. The courses have greatly expanded my understanding of the role of the TV presenter and taught me a number of practical skills.
B) Taking into consideration my education, qualifications and my experience so far, I believe that I would make a valuable contribution to a company like a BBC. In addition, working for the BBC, an opinion-making TV channel of international reputation, would make it possible for me not only to use my knowledge and skills, but also to learn a lot and develop further.
C) While I was studying, I began to work as a presenter on two TV channels. In 1997 I joined the Young TV channel where I presented a live children’s programme. After a year I started working as a presenter on local news on London Morning TV. These two contracts (each one a year long) helped me develop my presentation skills and a general expertise in journalism.
D) Presenting the news, however, is not only confined to my personal life. It is a very important area of my personal interests as well. I have developed a video library of TV presentation strategies and am currently working on a guidebook for beginners in this field. I am also interested in environment protection issues, and I enjoy reading and travelling.
E) First, as far as my education is concerned, in 1994 I started at Bristol University in the department of political science. I also attended additional courses and, as a result, graduated in 1999 with a degree in both political studies and mass media.
F) Please, consider my application for the advertised position. I would be happy to attend an interview at any time that is convenient to you. I enclose my CV.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,
John Higgins

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