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A working day of a Sales Manager

Timberland is a world-famous company in the market for boots and shoes. It is a real market leader. At the moment it is rapidly increasing its exports to Japan, Taiwan and Hong-Kong. The goods of this company are of high quality. They meet up-to-date international standards.
Timberland is a large corporation. It has a lot of foreign and domestic subsidiaries. The company consists of nine departments.
The company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and president is Sidney Swartz. He is in charge of the global strategy. His son, Mr. Jeffry Swartz, is executive vice-president. He knows everything about this business and helps his father to run the company. Now they are planning to expand their business to Latin America.
Mr. Stevens is the company Sales Manager. His working day starts at 9 a.m. and finishes at 5 p.m. He works hard every day. M r. Stevens always gets up early, takes a shower and has breakfast. During breakfast he watches the latest news on TV or listens to the radio. Then Mr. Stevens drives to work. It takes him twenty five minutes to get to the office. When he starts his working day he usually switches on his computer and looks through the mail. After that he sends some e-mails or asks his secretary to do it. Then he and his assistant make the plan for the clay. Mr. Stevens discusses a lot of business matters on the phone. Sometimes he makes appointments with his suppliers. At 12 o'clock he always has lunch in the company cafeteria. After lunch he meets his customers or regional sales managers.
It is 4 p.m. now anil Mr. Stevens is having talks with Mr. Brown from the Public Relations Department (PR) and Advertising Department. They are discussing the new advertising campaign of their new product. Now they are speaking about budget problems. They are hoping to find a reasonable solution to the issue.
Mr. Stevens is efficient and hard-working. He tries to solve all the problems, so his clients like to do business with him. They discuss terms of delivery and payment, prices and discounts. Mr. Stevens travels a lot and visits the subsidiaries of Timberland. He enjoys his job because he meets a lot of new people and goes to different countries.


Упражнение 1. Ответьте на вопросы.

1. What is Timberland famous for?
2. What are the present-day plans of Timberland?
3. What is Mr. Stevens responsible for?
4. When does Mr. Stevens start and finish his work?
5. How long does it take Mr. Stevens to get to his work?
6. Why does Mr. Stevens like his job?

Упражнение 2. Соответствуют ли данные утверждения содержанию текста.

1. Timberland is a national company with a lot of foreign and domestic subsidiaries.
2. The company chief executive is in charge of everyday problems and the global strategy of the company.
3. At present Timberland is increasing its export to south-MSl Asia.
4. Mr. Stevens is the head of the marketing department.
5. Mr. Stevens has flexible working hours.
6. Mr. Stevens goes to work by car.
7. During his working hours Mr. Stevens meets his customers, suppliers and regional sales managers.
8. Mr. Stevens and Mr. Brown are discussing how to promote their new product.
9. Mr. Stevens enjoys his job because his clients like to do business with him.
10. Mr. Stevens travels a lot and visits foreign and domestic subsidiaries of the company.

Present Simple


Упражнение 1. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Simple.

(USUALLY) 1. My working day (to begin) at seven o'clock. I (to get) up, (to switch) on the radio and (to do) my morning exercises. It (to take) me fifteen minutes. At half past seven we (to have) breakfast. My father and I (to leave) home at eight o'clock. He (to take) a bus to his factory. My mother (to be) a doctor, she (to leave) home at nine o'clock. In the evening we (to gather) in the living room. We (to watch) TV and (to talk). 2. My sister (to get) up at eight o'clock. 3. She (to be) a schoolgirl. She (to go) to school in the afternoon. 4. Jane (to be) fond of sports. She (to do) her morning exercises every day. 5. For breakfast she (to have) two eggs, a sandwich and a cup of tea. 6. After breakfast she (to go) to school. 7. It (to take) her two hours to do her homework. 8. She (to speak) French well.

Упражнение 2. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Continuous или в Present Simple.

1. Tom (to play) football on Saturday. 2. He (not to play) football every day. 3. I (to wear) a suit now. 4. I (not to wear) jeans now. 5. My friend (not to like) to play football. 6. I (not to read) now. 7. He (to sleep) now? 8. We (not to go) to the country in winter. 9. My sister (to eat) sweets every day. 10. She (not to eat) sweets now. 11. They (to do) their homework in the afternoon. 12. They (not to go) for a walk in the evening. 13. My father (not to work) on Sunday. 14. He (to work) every day. 15. I (to read) books in the evening. 16. I (not to read) books in the morning. 17. I (to write) an exercise now. 18. I (not to write) a letter now. 19. They (to play) in the yard now. 20. They (not to play) in the street now.

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