English Test Helper

Вариант I.

1) Глагол, данный в скобках, поставить в нужную временную форму:

1. Every morning they (to turn) on TV set to watch cartoons.
2. Next summer 1 (to go) to Altai Mountains to visit my relatives.
3. Look at the sky. The clouds (to move) slowly and it (to start) to rain.
4. The morning was cold and rainy, but the weather (to change) already.
5. Our football team (to win) many games last year.

2) В данных предложениях определить залоговую и временную форму основного глагола. Перевести предложения.

1. When I looked out of the window, the children were playing hide-and-seek.
2. The new interesting exhibition will be opened in the Hermitage next week.
3. A taxi was called fifteen minutes ago, so we are expecting it any moment.
4. They ate all the apples which 1 had brought.
5. The book will be discussed at the next conference.

3) Построить вопросы к каждому предложению, начиная их со слов, данных в скобках.

1. She likes to dress in a fashion style (Does . ?)
2. She lived in the country last summer. (Where...?)
3. Nick is operating the computer now. (Who.. ?)
4. He has just finished written the article. (What...?)
5. Next year they will travel along the coast of Africa. (Where.. ?)

4) В данных предложениях подчеркнуть модальные глаголы. Перевести предложения на русский язык.

1. She can hardly speak today because of her sore throat.
2. People mustn't cross the street when the light is red.
3. Would you pass me a slice of lemon, please?
4. May 1 use your telephone?
5. You should give up smoking.

5) Перевести текст.

"American Cars" by Dacia Campbell

Let's take a ride in one of our cars. Do you like music? Some of our cars have stereo radios with cassette and CD players in them. Some big cars even have televisions and video machines! Many people have telephones in their cars too! Have you ever called home from your car?
In our cars we have windows that roll up or down by touching a button. And you can lock and unlock the doors by pushing a different button.
Almost every car has a heater and an air conditioner to keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
We love our cars and we spend a lot of time in them. Some cars will tell you the outside temperature and what direction you are travelling (north, south, east or west). I've even seen cars that talk to you! Can you imagine a car telling you to put your seatbelt on? Most Americans always wear a seatbelt.

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